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Description of initiatives


Initiative 1

Activity 1

Short-term training / study stays of PhD students from UCT Prague at NMBU to gain the knowledge about development and validation of novel analytical non-targeted strategies for identification and quantification of relevant organic hazardous substances potentially occurring in selected food products. For this purpose, hands-on training in the NMBU laboratories will be provided. More information here.


Activity 2

Short-term training / study stay of PhD students from NMBU at UCT Prague to gain knowledge on analytical strategies based on critical assessment and comparison of performance characteristics, including capability to control regulatory requirements (maximum limits) of targeted and non-targeted approaches in food safety control. Knowledge of contamination scenarios, the impact of physicochemical and biochemical factors on hazardous chemicals fate and typical contaminants pattern in various food matrices, will be also shared.


Activity 3

Experts visit of UCT Prague research staff at NMBU. More information here.


Initiative 2

Organisation of a workshop on topic related to development and implementation of novel analytical strategies for control of contaminants mixtures in food. More information here.

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